Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Enterprise Car Rental - UK vs USA

Pull up your pants and pay attention. I meant underwear, not trousers, because I know exactly what you’re doing and it’s not required for this blog post. See the tricky language barrier that I just played with, between US English and International English? It’s a cliché that whenever the British and Americans talk, the subject will come up. And why not? It can be a good ice-breaker and dialogue improves international relations, as evidenced by the interactions between Brad and Dave in the adverts for Enterprise UK Car Hire (aka Enterprise Car Rental).

No? Well, come on then:

See? Comedy gold! It’s taken the advertising world a surprisingly long time to make use of this unique dynamic – or at least for it to register on my limited radar. After the click we can find out more about this hilarious comedy-duo character-act.

That one up there is the most action-packed. The others are conversations between the two guys, filmed fly-on-the-wall style, as Brad tries to get to grips with the crazy concepts that Dave is laying down. I’ve got a couple of favourites from the playlist but this is the best one:

Speaking as the (casual) supporter of a non-premiership team I have a slight issue with Dave’s definition of ‘real’ football, but other than that the constant confusion is hilarious. That’s humour we can all relate to! We’re crossing boundaries and challenging ideas and such, right? I mean, I guess solely about football… not even relevant to car rentals… It’s a very specific paradigm shift, and it’s been on the books ever since Americans invented their own strange sport. But it’s certainly still good for a chuckle.

This is silly now. I’m left-handed. As a left-handed supporter of a non-premiership football team I’m starting to feel slightly victimised. I know it’s just me and this comedy is still universal but us left-handed non-people make up 10% of the world. That’s a significant chunk of humanity. If the population was still six billion then there would be 600,000,000 of us, which is six hundred million. Using the American-defined billions of course. If we were using the old British billion then that ten percent would be 600,000,000,000 (notice the extra three noughts) which by today’s terminology would be six hundred billion. We just increased the population of the Earth by ten thousand percent and the right-handed people are suddenly in the minority. How does it feel guys?

Alright, I admit I don’t understand maths. Moving on to the next one:

IT’S TRUE! Casualty literally does sound like the word casual, and that’s entirely inappropriate for the function of the department! I know I’ve been being sarcastic, but I honestly didn’t realise that until he pointed it out and now whenever I go in there I’ll be giggling… and suffering from alcohol poisoning.

Wait, I feel like I’m losing the comedy.

They’ve involved the Irish too! Silly Americans, they’re always calling themselves Irish without knowing what the place even looks like! HA! Like in that stupid video that was edited, entirely unfairly, to make the Americans seem ignorant. Remember?

By involving the emerald isle in this discussion, suddenly ‘Dave the English Guy’ feels slightly more reinforced. It’s not just him versus Brad anymore! Also that “why aren’t they driving across the nature” crack? Now Dave has the implied sympathies of the environmentalists, even though he works for the same company as Brad, as well as the implied sympathies of the Irish. We all know that in any disagreement you want to be on the Irish side. History has taught us that much.

Oh god, I’m totally sucking out the humour and ruining the whole campaign! It’s becoming confrontational! Argh! HUMOUR IS MEANT TO UNITE PEOPLE!

Okay, wait… wait, this one is absolutely hilarious:

That’s so totally us. I mean us like us, not us like US. Although it’s also so totally US as in U.S.A. We’re always being humble and reserved about our aspirations to the point where they’re not even aspirations anymore, while the Americans are overblown and ridiculously optimistic. We’re so meek... and unambitious… uninspiring… under-achieving…

Damn it, I feel awful. Enterprise UK Car Rental, DAMN YOU TO HELL!!


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