Monday, 2 July 2012

Go Compare - Did They Kill Him?

Earlier today the countdown of the Go Compare adverts ended. They had been building up all week to something happening today, and I speculated earlier today that they would kill him - the purposefully vandalised billboard posters and the irritated viewers included at the end of every new advert, along with the countdown, seemed to point to an impending paradigm change. The advert is finally online so I can finally link to it and put you all out of your suspenseful misery.

Either follow this link to check out the theories from earlier in the day or check out the new Go Compare generation:

Now let's just do a quick review and put this all behind us (after the jump in case of spoilers)

That was pretty darn good! It seems this is what Gio Compario's life has come to, just running through the streets and singing at people annoyingly. Everyone treats him as a minor nuisance, to be pitied or hated. When his song doesn't get a response he seems genuinely upset and confused as though this is the only way he can communicate - the lost member of a race of opera singers from some strange planet in space.

And then he's detonated by a huge yellow shoulder-mounted missile launcher.

 I really, really want one

When I stopped laughing I realised that during the ad I could hear all the sounds. It was amazing! There was no annoying music! Half of his singing was muted by the window! The sounds themselves were so textural and physical. They powerfully enhanced the montage of her setting up her missile launcher. There was atmosphere!

But the real question is, did it work? If you wait to the very, very end then the answer is no. No they didn't kill bloody bastard Gio Compario. Then again, they might be doing something even better. The title of that advert up there is 'Saving the Nation Sue'. There's a little tiny hashtag instruction at the bottom while the logo swoops in: I want to... #savingthenation.

 See? There it is...

The implication I'm getting here is that over time, we're going to see Gio Compario be punished over and over again, destroyed more times than a cartoon character. If you use the hashtag you can also suggest ways to kill him. Blowing him up didn't work - what's next? Wild dogs? A pit of snakes? Catapulting him into acid? A steamroller? Tying him up, loading him into a plane, flying out over the ocean and pushing him into the water? I feel like we're going to get a lot of fun out of poor old Gio!

Don't give me that look - you brought this on yourself


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