Monday, 2 July 2012

Go Compare - Will They Kill Him?

Here's something that might make your day: for the past week or so the Go Compare adverts on TV have been counting down to something. Nobody knows what it is. There's some speculation that they will be retiring their renowned, infamous opera singer Gio Compario.

For essential therapy, print out this image and attach to a punching bag

Seek satisfaction after the click:

Even if you never watch TV you are probably still aware of the much-hated Go Compare singer. He sings about car insurance in a variety of settings and musical themes, which at first seemed fun but grew irritating very quickly. The man who portrays him, Wynne Evans, is actually a professional opera singer who was forced to go into hiding over a year ago. Even Go Compare themselves are aware of what they've created, and approach it with a certain sense of humor, such as allowing Jimmy Carr to crush the guys balls:

 It's okay to cheer at this

But now something has changed. The latest Go Compare adverts have pulled back from the TV and shown faceless viewers becoming enraged by Gio, variously crushing biscuits or desperately trying to mute the TV. At the very end there's a countdown and a date, promising new Go Compare adverts:

Why build up a countdown and everything if the new ones are just going to be more Gio Compario? They clearly know how much we hate their singer, and giving us more of him may cause some viewers to storm the Go Compare offices waving pitchforks, burning torches and an extra-wide noose. So the question is, what will these new adverts be like? People have been speculating across the internet and nobody knows!! I'm honestly quite excited. Maybe they'll be understated and tasteful!

The date given in the advert is actually today! Rest assured I'll be keeping an eye on the situation and when there's some news, you'll hear it here first!

PS: You heard it here first! Come and watch what happened to him, and then let's talk about it!


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