Thursday, 22 July 2010

The man who sold his forehead

Marketing: Innovative, dynamic, creative and mad. Every now and then, something strange or unique captures our attention, and someone does something truly weird and brilliant, throwing the marketing industry a curveball.

Meet Sam Fischer. He needed some cash.


Instead of working a few shifts at Pizza Hut or getting a loan, he decided to think out of the box. Way out of the box.

In 2005 an auction surfaced on Ebay, the likes which had never been seen before. A man was offering his forehead as advertising space.


The winning bidder would then have permission to temporarily tattoo their brand on his forehead and get bucketloads of exposure from the media fallout and general interest. Well, it worked; Fischer was soon on talk shows and newspapers, the logo going everywhere with him. According to his own website, ( he made over $50,000.

Now that’s using your head (sorry).


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